About Us

Since the beginning of collegiate athletics, there have been many misconceptions by the high school student-athlete & parents on the subject of “How do I get a scholarship to play college sports?”.  Many misinformed student-athletes & parents feel that their high school coaches should get them a scholarship.  Some believe that if they just played well that a college coach will find them and offer them a scholarship.  Many others have the mistaken belief that they can just send their HUDL film to a college coach or athletic department and receive a scholarship.  And worst of all, quite a few believe that high school academics does not play a factor if they are “SUPERSTARS”.

YourNextRecruit.com was started to help the high school student-athlete & parents dismiss these & other misunderstandings of the college recruitment process through the disclosure of sound doctrine. (Additional Parental Education provided through National Prep Sports seminars)

Through the course of creating a program that educates the high school student-athlete & parents on the academic requirements needed to enter college as a collegiate student-athlete, YourNextRecruit.com has adopted a Character Development curriculum used by the NFL’s High School Development Plan (HSPD) to mentor the high school student-athlete on the characteristics needed to enter not only college as a collegiate student-athlete, but adulthood.

To accompany the growth the high school student-athlete would be receiving from the educational aspects of the program, YourNextRecruit.com has assembled a network of experienced professional Athletic Trainers (Grind 4 Greatness 365) to enhance the high school student-athlete’s physical ability.  Grind 4 Greatness 365 is ready to prepare the youth and high school student-athlete to compete as a collegiate student-athlete.

The concept of YourNextRecruit.com was conceived from the development of a personalized informational & highlight website for a local high school student-athlete.  Since then, HUDL has provided the student-athlete an easy to create highlight clips. HUDL is ideal for the marketing of a high school student-athlete looking to convey their athletic abilities to a larger audience of coaches in a convenient and time efficient manner using Modern Technology.  YourNextRecruit.com will be incorporating the student-athlete HUDL account into their personal profile.  The high school student-athlete has the ability to send out their profile to friends, family, and most importantly college coaches and the focus will be directly on them and not some Top 20 listing of which they may not be a part of.  At the same time, YourNextRecruit.com will also be constantly reaching out to colleges to visit its’ sites, as well as all members’ sites. Due to the Social Media phenom, we have also created a presences on Twitter (Twitter.com/YourNextRecruit), Instagram (Instagram.com/YourNextRecruit) and YouTube Channel (YouTube.com/YourNextRecruit), where we will be spotlighting student-athlete’s profile, achievements, and videos, for additional exposure. 

YourNextRecruit.com was developed to educate “The Next Recruit”, train “The Next Recruit”, and promote “The Next Recruit”, but we cannot & do not guarantee that this program will get the high school student-athlete a college scholarship.  The qualifications of the high school student-athlete and the needs of the athletic programs at colleges & universities are major factors in the process of offering athletic scholarships. 

However, YourNextRecruit.com does pledge to develop the high school student-athlete’s mind, body, and online presence in preparation to meet the challenges of becoming  a collegiate student-athlete and hopefully The Next GREAT Recruit.

We are NOT a recruiting service, we are a community service.

YourNextRecruit.com does not charge any visitors to its’ sites.

Membership on YourNextRecruit.com is open to any and all student-athletes who are serious about working to get to the Next Level in their Academic & Athletic careers.  Visit our Workouts page to start the process.